12 Beautiful Craftsman Front Door Designs

Craftsman Front Door Colors

Craftsman front door – exterior door of a house is a declaration of principles: it informs what style of house is, gives clues about personality of its occupants, and allows intuiting what environment will be like inside. Of course, a door has to meet basic requirement: to provide security. For this, in addition to its construction in solid wood or iron, it is necessary to take into account lock system that is installed. But once this theme is solved, you can choose between classic, avant-garde, rustic designs, or gives decorative touches such as choice of a contrasting color, or surround entrance with ornaments or shrubs.

Idea is that from outside, thanks to façade, world knows our interior. And for that, door is entrance channel to our little universe. There are many countries and regions that have nice habit of painting their craftsman front door and windows of intense, strong colors, in range of primary colors. Idea is to give a contrast with rest of construction, and in areas of cold weather and few hours of light, to provide a share of joy and color before so much gray sky. In doors of rustic houses, especially those covered with stone, a red or yellow color creates a nice impact on visitor, gives evidence that occupants of house are distended people, and that they like to enjoy life.

Craftsman front door, made of solid wood and a black that attracts glances, balances game that establishes with white moldings and facade of this English residence. At a glance, it looks like entrance to a Christian religious temple, perhaps because of neo-Gothic touches of structure surrounding door. Sobriety of door is reinforced by a discreet caller, and numbers that are barely noticeable until one is not very close. In upper part, four small stained glass windows finish giving an elegant turn to this entrance way.

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