Add Molding DIY Cabinet Doors

DIY Cabinet Doors Nice

DIY cabinet doors – Changing the look of your old cabinet gives your kitchen a new look for a fraction of what the cost of purchasing and installing new cabinets. Adding casting to existing cabinet doors is a light facelift. Choose wood or plastic casting to get an interesting dimension, or add decorative wood rosettes or carved applications to add design to your cabinet.


Measure DIY cabinet doors and calculate how much casting you need. Clean and prepare the cabinet by removing oils or dirt from the front surface of the doors. Measure the doors again and mark lists at the appropriate length. Met the corners of mowing with the miter saw. Sand rough edges. Prime and paint the trim or stain the wood. Allow it to dry properly. Attach the list of cabinet doors by applying building glue or wood adhesive to the back of the list. Press firmly in place, and hammer little finishing nails to permanently attach the list to the cabinet. Spike nails and fill the holes with a click spackle. Attach Molding

Measure DIY cabinet doors and cut the list to size and shape desired. If you need to make angled cuts, saw a mitral or table saw with a gearings equalizer is the most effective way to make correct angled cuts. If you install pre-cut decorative ornaments, then skip this step. Remove the cabinet cover, if installed. Place the door flat on a table for easy installation. Wipe the cover with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Allow the door to dry completely before installing casting.

Run a line of timber on the back of the mold in an “S” shape. Keep the glue thin and be careful not to allow large lumps of glue to sit in a place on the list. Do not place the glue line near the edge of the trim or it will push out the door. Place the list on the door and push it into place. Keep the casting in place until the glue sets or use clips to keep the list slip. Continue to attach casting to the door one piece at a time. Caulk gaps between the casting and the door need to be filled. Allow the glue to dry overnight before hanging the cabinet doors.

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