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Fiberglass Exterior Doors – Fiberglass doors have received mixed responses in terms of weather resistance. General, several factors can affect your specific experience with these entrance doors and their potential resistance to rough sun damage. An exterior fiberglass finish door is similar to an exterior wood finishing door. Instead of sanding the door in the preparation of the paint or the stain, a fiberglass door is cleaned with turpentine. The other essential steps in the finishing process are almost the same. Painting or staining your fiberglass door, you can achieve an attractive finish with the development and correct application.

Stains and paint are two common ways to finish a fiberglass exterior door. Select a finish that will complement the exterior of your home. Mask the areas of the fiberglass exterior doors that you do not want to finish, such as weather stripping, glass, and hardware, using painter’s tape. Clean the surface of the door with mineral spirits, using a clean cloth. Allow the door to air dry. RUB over a layer of stain oil base gel, with a clean cloth. Clean on the rubber layer with a brush with natural bristles to remove excess stains and ensure a uniform application. Allow the finish to dry for at least 72 hours before installing the door. Cover all areas of the door that you do not want to be painted, such as weather stripping, glass, and hardware.

Clean the door carefully with mineral spirits, using a clean cloth. Stations the door with a latex primer with a brush. Allow the primer to dry for at least four hours. The fiberglass exterior doors with an acrylic finish paint. Allow curing for seven to 10 days before installing the painted door. Paint details on the door in a contrasting color to highlight the architectural features. Apply finishes in a well-ventilated area. A high-quality fiberglass door is much more likely to resist rough sun damage. So a quality fiberglass door cannot exhibit any deterioration in its original appearance some years after installation.

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