Beautiful Ideas For Exterior Door Trim

Barn Exterior Door Trim

What do you need to know about wooden exterior door trim? Actually, the most important thing you already know: it can be tremendously beautiful, warm and stately. In some way, wood is the material par excellence for doors, or not? So once decided that we are going to place a gate or a wooden door at home, or in the garage, or at the entrance of a garden, we only have to decide on what kind of wood, with what design or what maintenance we will have to apply. Wooden doors can only have two disadvantages, and both are easily remedied.

In the first place, it is an element that requires maintenance so that it does not lose its appeal and its effectiveness, as they can rot if we do not protect them from humidity, fungi and insects that feed on wood. However, regarding the maintenance of wooden exterior door trim we will expand later, and you will see that it is an easy disadvantage to overcome. And the second negative aspect could be in terms of safety, since it is considered that they can be weaker compared to other metallic materials. However, we can have the safety of steel or iron, and the beauty of the wood, because just as there are armored doors in the accesses of a floor, the same idea can be carried out in the outer gates of a house, and even at the door of a garage.

The most sought-after woods exterior door trim, in addition to the traditional oak, are tropical woods, since they are extraordinarily resistant to rain, and especially to moisture conditions. In this sense, the doors made with wood from species are very appreciated and common. Although they do not stop making this type of doors with other woods that are in our territory. In addition to the aforementioned oak, the wood of chestnut, mahogany or cedar is also highly valued for this type of elements.

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