Benefits Of Antique Glass Door Knobs

Purple Glass Door Knobs

Glass Door Knobs – Home improvement to add value to the real estate takes more than a paint job. Today buyers and investors look around much more and especially for signs that are indicative of the age of the property to match it with the existent condition. Here antique glass door knobs come to the rescue. These fine pieces of hardware need not be antique in the real sense of the word. Today, there are dedicated online and offline resources that make the antique glass knobs accessible in the form of replicas. These are simple to fit and great in aesthetic appeal.

Glass door knobs fit the dictates of every kind of home decor. Irrespective of the theme or color combo followed throughout the home, the door knobs fit the bill. They are fine pieces of handcrafted or machine manufactured art for the door. The benefits of the antique glass knobs for doors are as many as there are door types! They instantly add a rustic and aged appeal to the door. In fact, fit one a door that is yet to be painted and upgraded and you have a masterpiece! For those who love the Victorian and Gregorian era decor, the antique glass door knobs are a must-have. They can be fitted on the main door of the home or office or just about any enclosure that is designed for safekeeping and privacy.

Homes of celebs and models flaunt the antique glass door knobs all the time. These knobs make special appearances on the celluloid too. They now come in various styles and colors to add to their mystic appeal a beautiful story. The antique glass knobs can be shopped for in deep colors such as crimson red and emerald green, to more earthy shades of mauve, pink and tan/brown. The crafted design options range from animals such as eagles, lions and dragons to geometric shapes such as ovals, circles and diamond points. They give any door certain uniqueness and a defined star burst effect. The knobs are characterized impressively by an age that is timeless in appeal.

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