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Exterior Sliding Doors – We are used to the fact that, when we buy a house, the doors are a choice that does not correspond to us, which is already imposed. That although they are an element that, in addition to a clear technical and distribution function, also brings a very specific style to the rooms. The main advantage of a sliding door is known by all: it saves space. That is why they are the ideal solution for small apartments or small rooms, which cannot lose even a square centimeter. The sliding doors are also much more discreet, since, especially if they are recessed, they disappear when they remain open.

Another advantage of exterior sliding doors is their ability to join spaces, something that is more complicated to do with the folding, even when they are double. When they are left open, the sliding doors join the spaces, creating a sense of continuity and letting the luminosity flow between one room and another. In the same way, when a greater intimacy is needed they can be closed, totally isolating the space.  The simplest and most economical solution when installing sliding doors is to place a guide on the upper and outer part of the partition. It does not need works, but it has a clear disadvantage: the space of the wall that will occupy the open door is unused.

The recessed ones are more expensive, but they are hidden between the partitions when they are opened, so we take better advantage of the space. However, its main drawback is that in case they were damaged, the partition would have to be demolished in order to access them. In addition to saving space, exterior sliding doors are a decorative element and for that reason, when choosing materials and styles, we must take into account something more than its functionality. With wood finishes, painted white to camouflage perfectly with the wall. The sliding doors are perfect for almost all types of rooms, although we usually find them separating complementary rooms.

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