Best Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

Beautiful Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

Window treatments for sliding glass doors – If you have ever lived in an apartment you might think that the only option for dressing a sliding glass door is the use of vertical blinds. While blinds can be a cheap and functional option, there are more attractive ways to decorate a sliding glass door while maintaining functionality. Virtually any treatment you would use in a standard window can be used on a sliding glass door. Cloth curtains can be used on sliding glass doors, adding color, pattern and texture, in addition to providing privacy in a room. If this option is used make sure that the bar supports are long enough for the curtains to open and close without catching on the handle or any other part of the door. Use clamps and restraints so that the curtains can be safely hidden outside the door when not in use.

Determine if you need the curtains to completely cover the window treatments for sliding glass doors. If so, curtains purchased in the standard store may not be wide enough. You may have to buy additional panels to get the coverage you need. Another option would be to have them made to order for the specific size of your door. Regardless of the option you choose, how curtains could hamper pedestrian traffic going in and out of the door is an important safety consideration. Make sure there is enough space on each side of the door so that the curtains to be pushed completely out of the foot traffic route when not in use.

Another option is to use tones. Whether cloth, woven or roller, these effective and elegant treatments work well on sliding glass doors. The shadows are normally installed by screwing the brackets on the head of the window treatments for sliding glass doors, above the door. When measuring for installation, make sure that the brackets are mounted high enough to allow complete clearance of the door when the curtains are in position. For a modern look, consider sliding cloth panels. Sliding panels of lightweight fabric or natural woven materials are moved back and forth along a track to allow only light as much as you want. The installation is quite simple. A thin track is mounted on the head of the window, the panels slide on the track and a header rail joins to hide the hardware. These panels slide side by side and can not be moved vertically.

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