Choosing Color For Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors Unique

Exterior doors colors highlight the entrance to your home and increase its curb appeal. Exterior color palettes usually include an accent paint used for painting the main front door, window trim or shutters. These accent colors pull the eye and thus help visitors identify inputs. The architectural style of the house can also control color choices for exterior doors.


Identify the exterior doors and the purpose of each. Some doors may take far more use and addiction than others and require a color that conceals handshakes and dirt. Other items may not be used often but a punch of color on the door could be lively surrounding foliage. Not every door in the home requires the same color. Research what colors work well with your home architectural style. Take care of surrounding homes and review color schemes in design magazines and books, as well as the color manufacturer’s brochures.

Traditional homes work well with colonial red, blue and green. Asian style home looks amazing with a dark, Chinese red entry door. Housing built with a more modern, open style can carry a persimmon or apple green on the exterior doors. Be careful with dark earth colors such as brown, black and charcoal: these colors can create a dark hole, unless the lighting highlights the entrance. Provide color samples that match existing exterior colors at home (this includes color, stone, and landscaping). Exterior colors may vary depending on which side of the home the door is.

You can sample cards from store color displays or buy a color fan tire. Wear these color samples when shopping for door color, so you can easily choose complementary colors. Select a handful of color colors that speak to the home style and the requirements identified. Show the paint marker on the exterior doors at different times of the day. Eliminate the colors that are not appealing. After shredding color choices to three or less, buy one liter size jar of each color and paint the color slots on the door to make a final decision. Paint a primer first and then several layers of color for color rendering.

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