Choosing French Door Blinds

French Door Blinds Wood

French door blinds – Choosing the right fabric for your French door curtains or drapes depends on where the doors are located. If your doors are in your bedroom and head outdoors, you will want to choose a fabric that is thick enough to give your personal integrity. For doors that lead from one room to another, a clean fabric may be the best.

Measurements and Materials

Standard French door sunscreen is 72 by 84 inches and has upper and lower bar pockets. Buy two sets of sharpening rods. Sash rods are typically 1-2 inches wide. Make sure that the French door blinds you buy are compatible with the rods you buy. A popular treatment is polyester pure voile. This treatment will not give you complete privacy but comes diffuse sunlight to protect carpets and furniture. Bare voile can be machine washed and comes in standard size 72 of 84 inches including the upper and lower bar pockets. You can add a simple match or tie in the center of each panel for an hourglass effect.

Cotton Panel drapes

French door blinds offer much more privacy because they completely cover the window and are thick enough to prevent anyone from seeing the inside. There is 100 percent cotton drapes made for French doors. These drapes include top and bottom pockets, so they can be attached to the door. This fabric is washable. Another option is to use a clean curtain for the back piece and a thicker curtain with a cinch over clean. This will enable an illusion of light coming through yet providing privacy. Measure the width of the window and buy enough clean to be two to four times the width. A drapery panel per window and a cinch for the center is typical enough for ordinary French doors. A consideration in choosing between sliding and French style doors is that a sliding door can be made of double-glazed glass that allows the blinds to be adjusted. This feature is not widely available in French doors.

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