Combine Wooden And Glass Cabinet Door

Glass Cabinet Doors Modern

Glass Cabinet Doors – Wooden front cabinets revive when you replace some wood with glass. Even old cabinets look classy with the brightness of the glass showing its contents. The process is not difficult, and as long as you have some basic tools and a hardware store nearby to cut the glass, you can transform your kitchen from one day to the next. The doors of cabinets easier to convert to glass are those of panels, be they elevated or flat. Remove the door from the base cabinet by removing the hinges. Unscrew them from the door as well as the knob or handle so that the door is flat on the surface.

Save the accessories so you can replace them later. Remove the panel from the glass cabinet doors. The method of removal depends on the manner in which the door is made, but normally the panel is between the frame and stuck in place. If this is the case, use a penknife to cut the adhesive. You might have to cut through the edge of the wood from the bottom that holds the panel in place. Make a straight cut using a straight edge, taking care not to damage the frame. Measure the width and height of the opening for the glass panel and ask for the number of panels you need for the cabinets at a local hardware store.

Round the measurement down to the nearest eighth of an inch (0.3 cm). Measure each door separately and write down the width and then the height to order them. Ask for a glass one-eighth of an inch wide (0.3 cm). Place the glass in the opening in the back of the glass cabinet doors to make sure it enters. Remove it and apply some transparent silicone around the edge of the opening. Place the glass in its place, pressing gently and centering it in the opening. Place the glass holder on the door frame, screwing it into place with the drill.

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