Cool Fireplace Glass Doors Keep You Warm

Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace Glass Doors – Fireplace doors are designed to keep warmed air from escaping through the chimney. They also act as a barrier much like the fireplace screen did in the earlier times; keeping sparks from flying into the carpet and burning down the house. The modern fireplace glass doors have tempered glass so the fire can be appreciated through the glass while the door is closed. The door frames open and close in two ways: the modern cabinet style door and the traditional accordion style door. The fireplace is usually the focal point of the room so the fireplace doors have to match the decor of the room. These fireplace glass doors are usually made large enough cover the opening of a large traditional masonry or stone fireplace but some manufacturers make the smaller corner fireplace door as well.

Of course, in order for these fireplace glass doors to work properly, the frame has to be made of some kind of metal because it also has to be able to withstand heat. Plastics and wood burn easily, so these materials are never used to make the door frames. The frames come in different finishes, but the most popular frames are made of anodized aluminum, which is lighter and more durable than the other metals. Anodized aluminum can be dyed, giving a wider choice of color schemes to choose from. Chrome or stainless steel frames do not look good on the masonry fireplace door unless it is painted fire black. Ceramic frames are safer because the material does not radiate heat, but prone to chipping and cracking from accidental impacts.

The antique brass look is difficult to get unless the frame is really made of brass. These brass frames have to be thick to withstand the heat, so one drawback to having a brass frame is that it will have smaller glass windows. Another thing to consider is that brass becomes hot when placed near a fire, so it could be difficult to open the door once the fire gets going. There are many products and brochures of fireplace manufacturers in the internet. It should not be difficult to see pictures of other fireplaces & accessories online in order to decide what type of fireplace glass doors would fit the fireplace best.

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