Curtain Ideas For A Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding glass doors – When choosing curtains for sliding glass doors, consider the functionality and the desired screen type before deciding on a window processing. Sliding glass doors, made of two sliding glass windows, create a large window in the area where they are installed. Because of this, curtains are desired for privacy or just to reduce the light penetration of the room. Curtains are also often used as simple furnishings without the ability to cover the door to provide light blockage or privacy. Single panel; A large curtain consists of a single panel of fabric providing functional light blocking and privacy. Several different fabrics are useful for creating the simple panel curtain.

Usually hung from an aluminum running 2-4 inches above sliding glass door. Light to medium-thickness fabrics provide a privacy barrier that at the same time gives a little light penetration through the door. A heavy fabric provides complete light blocking and privacy. The single panel curtain offers a solid barrier over sliding glass doors as opposed to other options that can only cover a part of the door. Dual panel; Dual panel curtains or curtains hung from each side of the door offering functionality along with design possibilities. The double panel curtains are usually installed on a single aluminum running over the door. Allowing the curtains to slide different distances from the sides of the door.

If desired, pull the panels together to create a solid privacy barrier. Or pull them back to each side to provide decoration. Dual panel curtains are made of many materials. But are usually fashioned from the heavy fabric to provide the full privacy and light blockage. Accenting stuff; hang accenting fabrics around the edges of sliding glass door, giving decoration while not blocking large window area. This is often a common choice for homes in enclosed areas that provide necessary privacy without the use of panels. Hang fabrics from the typical aluminum run, draped in folds to give a stylized design around sliding glass doors. Made of any material, accenting fabrics offer many design possibilities for clean aesthetically-based curtains.

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