Diy Barn Door Hardware: You Dare?

Diy Barn Door Hardware Brackets

Diy barn door hardware -It is not the first time that we talk about rustic style sliding doors . The truth is that both you and us, these ideas make us crazy. For this reason, we decided to look a little more and bring you a complete tutorial to be able to do at home, comfortably and without much work, our own sliding door with pallets. You dare? When you see the result of this DIY you will be completely in love. It is clear that we need pallets, but how many? Well, depending on the size of our door, we will need more or less. However, if we want to make a simple door, with 2 normal pallets we will have enough.

The ideal is to disassemble them first, table by table, to see if it is necessary to get one more. We will also need screws, drill, paint, sandpaper and a guide kit and accessories to get a sliding door. It is true that they are a little “American” and that here, that type of door remains, a bit, as “less authentic”. However, whether you like the typical diy barn door hardware, or adapt the idea more to the typical here ( for example, with gates, farmhouses … etc ) we will have a great result. We are going to see a few ideas, and then, each one that adapts them to their style and space.

The double diy barn door hardware give greater amplitude and are perfect to separate spaces when necessary, or leave them open with enough opening. Ideal in white and more if they are made with recycled wood. United but independent, that’s the idea. It works with the same idea as a door, but it is smaller. The size of a window, it’s perfect. It brings a touch of design to the space and becomes the protagonist of the kitchen as an original element. In addition, if we use the option of the blackboard, as well as decorative, it is practical. Pretty, right?

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