Diy Barn Door To Save On A Budget

Best Diy Barn Door

Diy barn door – To build barn door, firstly you must decide what kind of material will be your surface finish on your barn door. For this tutorial, will suggest you either paint or color plywood. You can also finish it with Viny sidetrack or maybe something else just remembers that you want the door to be as easy as possible. The next thing you need to do is decide which size you want to build your door. You need to measure your open and make the door of the 1/2 inch smaller in height and width to have about 1/4 inch margin around the door. 3rd, now that you know what size you need it be you will need to build the frame to attach 3/4 “plywood.

You will need to cut and the bottom of the 2×4 the size you want the diy barn door to be and you will have to cut side edges 7 “less to the height. Next, you will need to lay the frame on a flat surface. So that you can attach the nail plates. Before attaching the nail plate, make sure the frame is square. You can do this by measuring diagonally from corner to corner of your frame. Adjust until you have the same dimension in both directions. Attach the nail plates. 5th, you will need to put the diagonal 2x4s from corner to corner again and make sure the frame is square. The finishing frame should look like a square with a cross in the middle of it and then one + to attach with 3/4 of plywood.

Attach the 3/4 plywood to the frame with 2 “screws around 8” on the center around the edge. 6th, you will need to hang the door. Suggest you use hinged braces and the larger hinge the more it will last. You should also use screws to attach hinges. When the diy barn door is hung for extra support you need to put a cable from the upper hinge to the bottom of the outer edge of the door. If you put a turntable in the center of the cable it will help you to move a lot of the load of the door back to the hinge and keep the door hanging.

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