DIY French Retractable Screen Door

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Retractable screen door – French doors add a lovely blossom to a house and can opening on to the garden or your wooden terrace. On a beautiful summer day, it’s great to let them open so that the air can circulate efficiently. But French doors do not screen, so bugs can easily enter your home. The solution is to install a retractable screen. They work well with French doors, are largely hidden when not in use, and best of all, you can install them with just a few tools and very little skill. To know what the size of retractable screen you need for your French doors, be aware of how square the doors are that the screen must be attached to the frame.

Retractable screen door come in several sizes, so you’ll probably need to make some cuts to fit your door frame. Once this is done, you will also have to cut down the screen to fit the frame. The storage area for retractable screen attaches the room over the French doors with mounting clips. Use drywall screws to attach mounting clips to the frame of your French doors and cut the storage area into place on the clips. The screen slides down in the tracks and the next step are to install them in the correct position.

Now the warehouse was back in place. The track should slide slightly below each end of the screen storage area. Using a level, make sure the grooves are equally screwed into the frame on either side of the French retractable screen door using drywall screws. Now, pull the screen down so let it pull a little. Repeat several times to check your work. Even though the manufacturer wants to put the tension on the screen, it can be adjusted if you prefer. There is no trace in the bottom of the door, so the screen will be flat with the ground reaching out.

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