Easily Change The Look Of Custom Cabinet Doors

Custom Cabinet Doors Colors

Agree that those doors you do not like anything or fit with your current decoration, but the thing is not for many dispense and above all, what laziness to get into works. Well here you have easy ideas to change your appearance and that; in addition, you can make yourself without major complications. A few seasons ago we all tried to change the knobs that brought the old custom cabinet doors by handles. In fact they began to commercialize cranks with a special design to cover the hole that was left. Now again the knobs are being considered interesting and we have many models to choose from. To you, as you like.

I assure you that with any change in the hardware you will find that you have new custom cabinet doors. That is, keep in mind, if you are going to replace knob by crank, you must choose the right model. But with creativity, dare to use a striking green, pink, black color. Or to incorporate special finishes, slate, iron. All good paint brands have a very wide range of suitable glazes to choose from. The work will be very simple if you put the door leaf horizontally on two easels. You can easily remove it from the pins by lifting it a little with both hands. Dismantle the hardware, or cover it with masking tape, sand, clean and apply the enamel. A radical change!

If your custom cabinet doors are smooth, another one will appear. In the DIY stores kits already cut to the appropriate size and with different shapes are sold: one or several quarters, straight, in arc. You will only have to present and glue. You can paper the panels defined by the moldings with wallpaper left over to coordinate with the rest of the decoration or, if it is a smooth door, cover it completely with a special wallpaper mural, you see that your door can even become a library.

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