Exterior French Doors Types

Diy Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors – Exterior French doors are delivered in metal, wood and vinyl. They can be purchased either as pre-hang simple door, set with two doors or as a non-hanging door. Exterior French doors are available in many standard sizes and can be tailored for non-standard sizes and styles like arched tops. They also different in building materials. Metal and vinyl doors are available in many colors, such as shades of white, brown, green, gray and blue. Merchants sell three exterior French doors with the construction of woods like mahogany, Spanish cedar and white oak to give weather resistance.

You can buy the three doors already colored or as raw wood you can put stains or paint to match your home. Pre-hang doors types; exterior French doors for your home can be either pre-hung or not pre-hang. A pre-hanging door is already in the door casing, planned and ready to install. A non-hinged door requires a house to build a door casing to hang the door, which is more labor intensive. Pre-hung French doors are available in single-door and double-door styles. Lites; French doors have several glass windows, called lites. The construction of a true shared (TDL) French door contains individual glass, wooden, metal or vinyl glass windows around each other to hold them in place.

Imitation French doors have a large glass pane with construction materials glued in place both inside and outside. So it seems to have separate lites. The number of lites per door varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But usually between nine and 16 years. In the case, there are several sizes of exterior French doors to choose from. Most manufacturers offer a minimum door width of 16 inches and minimum door height of 60 inches. Most exterior French doors are a standard thickness of 1 3/8 inch to 1 3/4 inch. Whatever the reason, French doors can be a stand-alone port room for your home. Or they may have accents with loose holes over the top and side of each side. Some manufacturers and special carpenters offer curved exterior French doors in many sizes.

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