Exterior Front Doors With Wooden Material

Exterior Front Doors Wood

What do you need to know about wooden exterior front doors? Actually, the most important thing you already know: it can be tremendously beautiful, warm and stately. In some way, wood is the material par excellence for doors. Or not? So once decided that we are going to place a gate or a wooden door at home, or in the garage, or at the entrance of a garden, we only have to decide on what kind of wood, with what design or what maintenance we will have to apply. To solve all those doubts, read on.

Why a wooden exterior front doors? The answer is very simple. Surely the wooden doors as the entrance to a house are the most elegant element that exists. And not only because of the beauty that a well carved and worked wooden door can have, but because of the enormous historical weight that this material treasures. Yes. Remember the great palaces, castles or churches full of art and history that you have visited. Surely in many of those cases access was through a wooden gate, which in itself sometimes even becomes a work of art. Well, a similar idea we are transmitting with a good wooden door to enter our house.

However, not all are large exterior front doors carved with watermarks and heraldic evocations such as we can see in the monuments we have mentioned. The truth is that for the doors of houses there is room for many styles. Of course, there are many examples of doors carved with floral motifs of very rustic airs. However, today there are also many other design lines. From the most minimalist forms governed by the absolute simplicity in which a door is a vertical surface, protective and without any adornment, not even an edge. Up to other equally contemporary proposals, in which 21st-century carpenters play with geometric designs and colors far removed from the natural tones of wood.

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