Frameless Glass Shower Doors Ideas

Nice Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors – If you want to do a big splash with a bathroom renovation or give new construction a modern finish, choose a frameless shower door. A frameless shower door creates an illusion of more space in your bathroom. Installation – whether you do it yourself or employ professional installers – requires precision and attention to detail. Look for ways to trim the costs, but do not trim the preparations.

Frameless glass shower doors ideas, measure for shower doors when the shower surround is ready to take into account small variations in the thickness of tiles and thinnest. Measure the width of the opening at three different places: over the bottom, the middle and the top. If you have a variance of 3/16 inches or more at any of them, get quotes for a professional to make measurements and installation. Select a swing door, French or sliding door. A single swinging glass shower door is the most popular style. If you choose a swivel door, the next decision is how wide the door will be and which way it will swing open. Whether you have one or more side panels depends on the total width of the opening and the size of the door you choose.

Determine the height of your shower doors. Shower doors are generally 72-84 inches high, but glass can go all the way to the ceiling. You pay a premium for extra height; not only for the additional surfaces of glass, but also for the type and number of hinges required on a larger door. Select any special glass treatments. The glass itself will harden safety glass, probably 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. Glass can be clear, crystal clear, structured, patterned, frosted and include a blasted design and beveled edges. Select hardware to mix with the style and finish of the fixtures installed in your shower. The frameless glass shower doors needs swings and hinges, knobs or handles and towel bar handle.

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