Front Door Design Ideas

Jun 24th

Front door design welcomes guests to a home and makes a statement about living in, apart from being a barrier that protects the home and its passengers. Changing the door can be as simple as deciding what will fit in the existing space. However, designing a new front entrance allows you to get much more creative. You can choose a real original that reflects your taste and architecture in your home.

Front Door Design Wooden
Front Door Design Wooden


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A painted front door design naturally draws the eye. A visually impressive color can surprise and please visitors, make a home stand out in the neighborhood. Red is an obvious choice. It goes with many home styles, from brick to single to stick. It also illuminates the entrance, does not show dirt and is a successful color to attract prosperity. A shiny black door is another typical color choice, but think of a midnight blue or a deep, almost black purple instead. These colors blend well with a gray single house, a limestone townhouse or a stately brick home. Brighter colors such as sage green or pumpkin are distinctive choices for Mediterranean or Spanish colonial homes. Paint the door frame a contrasting dark cranberry or a slate gray to emphasize the drama of the pass.

This front door design can be dimensioned to fit a more typical home entrance or copied for a tailored home with a grand entry. Choose carved double doors in a burl finish wood and go for scenes of real angels and demons authenticity. A more modest wooden door with iron grating over a small window may have been the entrance to a monastery and talks about a simpler construction sensibility.  A Gothic vaulted door faux sculpted stone or composite wood can look as if it came from a castle or a cathedral. A double door with aged metal bars and a solar-spring glass panel above it will send shades of colored light in the foyer, playing over a custom floor in worn, paved stone.

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