Front Door Paint Color In Vogue Again

Dark Front Door Paint

Front door paint – Are you thinking of renewing the appearance of a door in your house? Yes! That one that is already a little old or the one that has a lot of scratches from the dog or that simply, you do not like its color anymore. Well come, today in I give you a lot of ideas. If you want a single color, you have two ways of escape: go for a soft pastel-like tone or, on the contrary, opt for a more lively color, more sugar. As those who painted in Paint without Stopping for their workshop.  Which one fits best with your personality?

If a single color seems bland … Do you cheer with two? Divide the front door paint with a diagonal at the height you want and apply the combination of colors that you like. And if you want to complicate life a little more, here are two very cool ideas (and quite simple). You only need a bodybuilder’s tape for reservations, painting and imagination . To make this combination, apply a first coat of paint and let it dry well. Then paste the masking tape and apply the second paint. Eye!

Remember to remove the seal that you use to make the reservation when the paint is still a little damp, especially if it is a painting that makes skin.  If not, you will take the painting back.  If you are looking for a satin finish or it is front door paint, the EggShell is your best option. It is a super resistant paint, especially for furniture and high wear surfaces. And very easy to apply! Although Chalk Paint is also a good painting for these projects. Matte finishes and cools colors. Of course, at the end give a couple of layers of wax to have more resistance. Did I convince you? Go ahead and change your color doors!

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