Good Ikea Cabinet Doors Wardrobe

Fitted Ikea Cabinet Doors

IKEA cabinet doors – Yes, we are looking at IKEA out of the corner … because there is something between annoying and disturbing when you find the same furniture in any house you step on. And this increases your need – good – natured good- for-worth – to customize that wardrobe you rode with such love and dedication. That’s why we love DIY ideas like the ones Dabney Frake shares  in her compilation . Do you want to multiply the savings of these designs by the originality that they look unique in your bedroom? Sign these tricks to hack them, which include the use of decorative paint, vinyl, accessories and much more.

Very practical low furniture separates the bedroom from the cupboard area and provides storage for both spaces. The closet, with quarter ikea cabinet doors, includes a radiator cover that is completely integrated. It is a project of the interior designer Pia Capdevila. The fronts of the cabinets have been personalized with pictures of the different members of the family. Thus, each one has its own space at the entrance of the house to store jackets, shoes or bags. They are made with white wood, like the walls and the carpentry.

It is a classic solution for the fronts of a built-in wardrobe. White gets its doors “fused” with the walls and is lighter and brighter. The quartertones, on the other hand, give it volume. The fronts are divided: ikea cabinet doors up to 210 cm and trunk at the top. This closet is designed to occupy the minimum space. Painted in white, like the rest of the bedroom, it is visually light, and its sliding doors allow it to be very close to the headboard. An ideal option for a few meters.  In wardrobes up to the ceiling, it destines the upper part and more inaccessible, from 210 cm, to clothes of another season.

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