Home Depot French Doors Ideas

Home Depot French Doors Beautiful

Home depot French doors consist of two doors with hinges to opposite side pieces that swing out of the door opening center. Although they come in a variety of styles, they are generally wood and may be ready to match the surrounding trim work. The first step towards a successful installation of interior French doors builds a square, right size framework.


Measure and mark the length of the wall you are building on two flat, straight 2-of-4 layers. Cut each piece to size with a circular saw to create the upper and lower plates of the frame. Lay the top and bottom plates on the floor with the flush ends and the long sides together. Measure the width of the door unit. Select the layout of the home depot French doors on both plates. Mark the coarse opening on both plates a half inch beyond the width of the door. This extra space allows you to place, shims and let the door in place.

Select both plates for jack and king studs. Dom Kraft studs will support the home depot French doors side posts, while the king studs reinforce the jack studs. Mark the plates 2 inches beyond the coarse opening markings for the jack studs, and 4 inches beyond the rough opening markings for the king studs. Lay out the position of the remaining wall rails on both plates, spacing the center of each stud every 16 inches, starting from the center of the king stud. Measure and cut wall rails, which will run from floor to ceiling, minus the combined heights of top and bottom plates. Cut the king’s studs slightly longer than the distance between the plates. Cut the studs to a length equal to the height of the coarse opening minus half inches to enable the bottom plate. Use 10d nails to secure king studs to the corresponding marking on top and bottom plates. Use a tiger saw to cut the bottom plate between the jack studs in the slot opening.

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