How To Change A Shower Door Weather Strip

Top Shower Door Weather Strip

Shower door weather strip – Sliding doors in glass usually have wool pile strips along the bottom and sometimes along the door. The heel is tightly in the groove to form a tight seal when the door is closed. The heel compresses and loses its seal with time and use. Replace wool pile to prevent any gaps so you can save on heat costs during the cold season. Remove the door from the track. Removal methods vary based on the door, but generally you have to remove a top retaining bar from the top course. A screwdriver may be necessary. Tilt the door inwards and lift at the bottom of the door outside the track. Leave the door straight after removal. Inspect the lower edge of the door to determine how the old weather-stripping. Weather-stripping is either slipped into a slot at one end of the door or slipped into the track from the side. Pop off gates on slots for doors where the stripping slides in.

How to change a shower door weather strip, grasp at the end of the old stripping with needle-nosed pliers. Drag stripping off the track. For the plastic edge of the new high weather-stripping in the track, then the wool pile is on the outside of the track at the bottom of the door. Cut excess stripping color with the end of the door. Replace the caps at the ends, if applicable. Vacuum upper and lower groove in sliding door frame to remove dirt or gravel. Replace the bottom of the door in the groove. Tilt the door back up and in place. Replace the top retaining field.

Tips and warnings to change a shower door weather strip, replace the upper weather-stripping on the door using the same methods as those used for the lower strip. Sliding doors in glass are heavy and require at least two people to balance and hold the door during removal and re installation.

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