How To Choose The Right Front Door Locks?

Biometric Front Door Locks

Front door locks – The entrance front door should have at least two solid locks. One central locking mechanism, one inside the wing and the other side bolted to the wing from the room side. Sometimes additional castings are added, but usually no more than two. Insert – heart door lock; you can remove it and replace it when it breaks or you lose the key. Inserts have a class of 0, 1 or 2. In homes and flats it is advisable to use those with class 2 because they are best protected against thieves. The inside of the inserts have hardened pins that prevent them from being torn.

And also have pawls that make it difficult to use the lock. The insert is adjusted to the thickness of the leaf. By default it has a length of 28 to 90 mm. Some inserts for locks are sold together with the so-called transcending key. When you lose the keys, spare not enough to get home, it additionally reprograms the pad. One key too many front door locks; There are two locking systems that allow you to use only one key. The first is a simpler and cheaper system of so-called twin inserts (“one key”).

The other – the more expensive and more powerful Master Key system. Front door locks for the future; this is a special type of electronic lock, for which the key is no longer needed. Digital lock: open the door only after entering the code. They are already popular in offices and other institutions. Who knows if they will soon become standard in homes too? Biometric locks – until recently, you only knew them from SF films, then from spy movies. Today they are for sale. Speaking of locks that know your fingerprints. Just put your finger in the right place and when the lock recognizes “your” will let in. Loss of keys will become a thing of the past.

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