How To Clean An Aluminum Screen Door

New Aluminum Screen Door

Aluminum screen door is often exposed to dust and pollutants in the air. Therefore, they get dirty very easily. In addition to dust and dirt construction on the frame, dirt and dirt can clog the screen, leaving the door looking old and ugly. You can clean these doors thoroughly, bringing back their beauty, with just a few simple products and a little time (unless the door is very dirty, this should not take more than 1/2 hour). After this initial thorough cleaning, a weekly light cleaning will keep the door looking better much longer.

How to clean an aluminum screen door, mix 2 tbsp. Liquid dish wash to 1 gallon of hot water in a bucket. Stir with a sponge to mix. Wet a brush in the detergent mixture. Gently squeeze it over the screen to remove dirt. Be sure to brush down both sides of the screen when doing this. Wipe the screen with a clean, damp sponge. Be sure to remove detergent residue from the screen – if too much is left, it will attract dust and cause the screen to look dirty again. Rub the screen with a soft towel to dry. Apply aluminum cleaners to the frame. Some products are sprayed and some are deleted. Be sure to cover all aluminum with cleaning product.

Then to clean an aluminum screen door, rub stained areas (dry with grain), and then wipe cleaner out of the frame. Give the entire door a final dry down with a microfiber or terry towel. And you can find aluminum cleaner at most home improvement and automotive stores. If the screen is unusually dirty, remove the screen or the entire door. Then rinse the screen well with a garden hose. Some mesh screens tear easily. Be careful when using a brush on these screens. Choose a soft-brushed hair brush or use a sponge, rather than a stiff brush. Do not use steel wood cushions on aluminum it can damage the finish.

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