How To Clean The Wood Front Doors

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Wood Front Doors – The wooden doors dusty and mistreated by the time not only give bad aspect to the decoration of the facade but when there are guests do not give the best impression of those who live in the house. Therefore, in this new article, I propose to know some tips to learn how to clean wooden doors and get your friends to take the best image of your home when you visit.

Use a soft cloth to clean the surface and remove dust from the wood front doors. You can also clean with the help of a duster. When doing so, be sure to clean the door frames thoroughly and remove as much dirt as possible. On the other hand, if the door is varnished wood you can use a soft damp cloth or you can also moisten it in oil soap and rub it in the direction of the grain of the wood. This way you will get better results in cleaning the door.

Clean the door and frames to remove excess waste, for this use another clean cloth and make sure it is dry. If the door has glass windows use a cleaner and a rag to leave them impeccable. Finally, to leave the door impeccable, clean the handles with a special product depending on the material. In case they are made of bronze, we leave you some tricks to restore the shine to the bronze objects that can be very helpful.

For painted wood front doors you must follow the first step of dusting with a clean cloth or a duster but then you must pass a damp sponge to clean the surfaces of the door that have been painted. And before cleaning the knobs and handles with a special cleaner, use a soft cloth to dry the surface of the painted door especially those parts where you passed the sponge. To liven up your door you do not need to buy expensive products to find the best way to clean wooden doors. What you need is patience to properly clean the surface and, above all, be careful.

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