How To Custom Screen Doors

Smart Custom Screen Doors

Custom screen doors – Having a good screen of the door in your house can let the breeze as keep insects. It’s great to have a screen door in your house when the weather is hot and you want to let the air out of your house while still having a closed house. A screen door is built with lap joints and some tools. Cut the pieces and lay out. The wood you need for the vertical and horizontal door, as well as the purchase guides. Cut the vertical parts of the board to the length you want and the rails to the width of the door. Cut the middle row together. Place a table or tables on the template that will give a guide to the saw. Set the depth of cut on either 9/16 inch or half the thickness of the board. They start at the cutting line making a few passes with the saw to remove everything between the two cutting lines. Clean and soften the joint using a chisel. Now repeat this same exact process for all the screen door tables.

Place the parts of the custom screen doors together. Before assembling the door of a test operation, assemble the door without associating the boards with each other. If it is a good fit add polyurethane glue to the joints with a disposable adhesive brush. Now put the pieces together and fasten them with clamps C, making sure that the joints are square. Measure the diagonals of the door after the Assembly, as they should be the same, and then let the glue dry.

Add the screens on the screen. You can staple the screen to the face of the door, but it will look better if the screen is recessed with the thickness of the screen. This is usually 1/4 inch. To make this recess you can glue and nail 3/4 x 3/4 inch staples to the door frame 5/4 making sure it is flush with the inside of the door. The varnish of the wood. Before applying the projection you must paint or varnish the door and allow it to dry. This step will be more difficult to do if you do it after applying the screen. Install the screen on the door. Place the custom screen doors in blocks and then secure it with the clamp in the middle of the door. Take the exam and roll over the door all stapled to the rails at the top and bottom of the door. Make sure it is not, however tight it is.

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