How To Hang Garage Doors With Windows

Garage Doors With Windows System

Garage doors with windows – Plasterboard panels provide a smooth surface in the garage, for walls and to the ceiling. Relatively cheap as far as wall systems go. The frame for a regular garage door is slightly different from the frame of a regular door, but with some changes, you can hang the plaster evenly around a garage door.


Measure from the inside corner of the wall to the outer edge of your garage doors with windows. Unlike a traditional door frame, a standard garage door frame consists of 2-inch with 6-inch dimensional wood, which makes it extend approximately 2-inches to the interior of the garage. Take two separate measurements, one on top of your wall and another eight feet down from the top. Cut a corresponding section into the plaster to fit the space. If you hang the plaster in an existing garage, the dimensions may not be allowed. If they are not, use a chalk string to pop a line on your plaster from the top dimension to the bottom dimension and use your tool knife to cut along the line.

Slide the cut section Gypsum panel in place, push it as high as it goes to the ceiling gypsum. When hanging plaster, always make the roof first. Attach plaster to bolts with or screws. An assistant can help keep the panel close to the ceiling, or you can use a footstool, also called a foot kick, under the panel to push it up in place. Add additional screws approximately every 2 feet apart in a stud. You can tap the plaster to locate the studs — they are under the only places that do not sound hollow. Alternatively, locate the stud in the gap below the plaster panel and measure straight up, install the screws along that line. Fit the edge screws approximately 1/2 inch from the edge of the plasterboard. This will be directly over the pins next to the garage doors with windows and in the corner of the room.

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