How To Hang Vertical Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Top Vertical Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors – Sliding curtains hang from top to bottom of windows and help create an illusion of space by emphasizing window height. According to the Home Depot Buying Guide, Laminar curtains are ideal for sliding glass doors, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows and carpets. They come in a variety of colors and textures, including vinyl or fabric. Use exterior mount sliding curtains installed on the wall above the sliding glass door. Unlike in-mount blinds that fit inside the windows, an outside mount provides plenty of room to open and close the door without hurting blinds. Outside-mount Sliding curtains are also easy to install.

To hang vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, measure the length of your vertical blind track and the length of the blinds to determine where they will fall. You can do this by keeping the blinds open to the door as if they were hanging from the track. Mark where the top of the blinds end and add a few inches to accommodate the track. Mark a guideline on the wall above the sliding glass door. The guideline will tell you where to install track brackets, so be sure to provide enough room for the door to the door and door handle. This will be where you hang your brackets. If your blinds require more than two brackets, place the rest of your selections evenly along the width of the track.

Then to hang vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, drill fittings to place. Use wall anchors and two screws per. seizure to provide additional security. Insert traces in brackets. Although manufacturers vary, many outside mount tracks will easily click in place. Align all the airlines that are blind. The airline is the small clips that blinds are inserted. They should all face the same direction. You can test them by dragging or turning the wand or chain that controls the blind direction. Put blinds to the airlines. Every blind must have a small opening at the top. Push the blind to the carrier until it catches blind and holds it. Make sure all blinds are inserted in the same direction.

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