How To Install Front Doors With Glass

Front Doors With Glass Contemporary

Front doors with glass – A good, fixed front door serves a great purpose by saving money on public utilities. But if the door has no window, it does not serve the potential it can. In order to see the letter carrier when he walks up or the blue sky is a sunny day, or even adding beauty to the door by laying beveled glass, installing glass in an outside door is a project that do-it-yourself homeowners can tackle with confidence. As a preparation for this project, you need some information. Outside doors are a 3/4 inches thick. Double-glazed insulated windows are about half an inch.


Draw the desired shape of the front doors with glass using the angle handle. Rate the row with a knife. This prevents splitting of the wood. If the desired hole is large enough, cut straight lines with the skill of the saw. Set the depth of the blade needed to cut through the door. Match the blade with the line, position the front edge flat against the door, and slowly lower the back of the saw through the door. Stay at the corner, and revoke the skill of the saw.

Cut the remaining line of jigsaw make a clean corner. Be sure the cut is smooth all the way around its perimeter. Measure and cut outside the corner mold to fit into the hole as a frame for front doors with glass. A leg in the outer corner mold will slide into the hole cut for the glass. Secure “telegram” mold with 4d surface nails. Apply a tight caulk to the inside of the corner mold so that the glass will seal between it and the mold. Put the glass in place. Apply a strict joint to the glass. Mount the outer corner mold on the outside of the door with 4d surface nails.

Tips and warnings

Always wear safety goggles. Be sure the front door is flat and cannot move while the cuts are made. Never leave electrical tools unattended. Do not set the depth of skill the blade anything more than needed to make the cut.

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