How To Install Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors Style

Sliding shower doors – Measure and mark the place where you will place the rail. First you must install the threshold and then the side columns. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure everything before starting to place it on the bathtub. That way, you’ll make sure the shower door is level and even. Use the leveler to make sure the measurements are correct. Apply a thin strip of silicone-based sealant over the threshold. If necessary, place the silicone-based sealant tube inside the sealing gun and cut the tip to open the flow. Apply a thin line of sealant to the bottom of the threshold, which should be flat.

To install sliding shower doors, place the threshold carefully and firmly over the bathtub. Align the metal threshold up with the marks at the center point of the tub edge and press it down to secure it, smoothing the sealant below the threshold. Make sure the rail is fixed and aligned perfectly with the center line markings. If the rail comes off and dries, the columns on the wall will not line up and the shower door will not close properly, so that’s a crucial aspect.

Then to install sliding shower doors, pre-drill the holes you marked with the tile bits. Hammer the plastic wall anchors into the holes. Hold the column up against the wall and screw it up. Align the holes with the plastic anchors and fix the column to the wall by screwing the anchors with the corresponding wall screws. The screws should fit perfectly in the plastic anchors. Repeat the procedure with the other column to fix it. Install the crossbar. In most kits, it is a pressure device that fits comfortably on top of the columns. The cross member must fit properly and provide the top edge of the shower door assembly, as long as you have measured and screwed everything correctly. Place the door or doors on the rail. Orient the doors so that the handle is on the outside and does not interfere when opening and closing the door.

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