How To Paint Barn Doors

Barn Doors Large

Barn doors – There are many reasons why people would like to paint a barn door on a wall. If it’s a homeowner, it can be part of a family project to paint a wall painting on the wall. Or it can be part of a rustic theme used throughout the home. A barn door can also be painted on a barn wall, which gives a humorous dispute to anyone trying to get into the barn. You can paint a barn door by following a few simple steps.


Select the wall you want to paint the barn doors. Include wooden rods, a door frame and door hinges in your design. This will help you to sketch ideas for your barn door. Sketch ideas for the shape of your barn door on paper. This will give you confidence when you start the actual work on the wall. Show your patterns to friends and family and choose a final design. Draw the door with a pen on the wall. This allows you to get the design on the wall and allows you to delete mistakes. Once you’ve got the shape and the contours with pencil on the wall, you’re ready to start painting.

Press out your oil paints on your palette. You want black, white, red and brown. Make multiple places on your palette of brown blobs of color and blend in white to make the tone and black make it darker. Begin painting wood rods darker brown. Paint over these slats with red if you want your barn doors to have a red-painted look. Put a light shade of brown in small stripes that go in the same direction of the wood fibers on your doors lamellae. This will help to give it a glimpse of realism. Paint the door hinge a very light shade of brown. This will give them a rusty look. Paint the contours of the door and thin stretches between the spades black. This will help to give an illusion of shadows on the barn door. Add some last hand to cover mistakes and then sign your wall painting in the lower right corner.

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