How To Paint Brass Cabinet Door Knobs

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Cabinet door knobs – Even for humans and animals air is a life-giving necessity, it can cause serious damage and deterioration on metal surfaces. This is true of brass; when exposed to air, brass will oxidize, leaving ugly stains that can destroy the appearance of your cabinet. Lack is a thin protective cover that seals brass from the air, preventing this dyeing process. Some cabinet door knobs come with lacquer; others not. If you need to use your own lacquer, or if you need to remove old lacquers, clean and prepare the surface properly for the best protection.


Take the cabinet door knobs away from their places on the cabinets. Screw some screws or nuts holding the steering wheel in place; put the screws in a safe place so that you do not lose them while working. Take the steering wheel to a well-ventilated workplace and put them on a cloth or other protective surface. Wash bronze steering wheel with a soft cloth moistened in warm water mixed with mild detergent. This initial cleaning removes dirt and dust and exposes the old paint to your moving efforts. Rinse the surface with clean water and wipe with a soft towel before proceeding.

Wear protective gloves when working with chemical cleaners. Moisten a cotton ball in cabinet door knobs and rub the brass surface properly; acetone dissolves old paint on the steering wheel. Use a toothbrush to get into cracks or hard-to-reach areas. Apply acetone until all old paint is removed. Apply a professional brass cleaner to the steering wheel. These products, which are found at jewelry or furniture specialty stores and some home improvement and hardware stores, may resolve any lacquering and remove oxidation, neglect, stains and oils that may damage brass.

Rub cleaner on with a soft cloth Apply a thin layer of paint to your brass knobs. Many lacquers come in spray cans for direct applications; Follow all product instructions for specific details. Let the first layer dry and apply a second; you will achieve a smoother finish and shine with more thin layers than with a thick layer. Apply as many layers as needed, and allow the paint to dry completely. Replace the wrists on their proper cabinets when they are completely dry.

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