How To Remove Shower Door Seal

Plastic Shower Door Seal

Shower door seal – Showers with glass doors are easy to clean and can make a bathroom look much bigger than it is because of the transparency of the doors. Bathroom screens are also much better to maintain the water that corresponds to it compared to shower curtains. Shower doors can be installed in about four hours and are relatively inexpensive. Shower doors that open out of the shower enclosure instead of sliding have add-on door seals that prevent water from seeping in around the door frame. Over time, the vinyl on the door joint can get mildewed or even develop cracks, allowing water to seep into the bathroom floor. The seals settle in the channels along each side of the shower door frame. Removing a snap-on shower door seal requires unlocking the front channel seal first.

Insert a putty knife blade between the shower door frame and the edge of the shower door seal on each side of the door frame. Start at the top and work your way along each door joint. Turn the spatula handle to unfasten the front part of the front channel door gasket. Continue the lever completely down the length of the door seal. Hold the door gasket with your fingers and pull it out of the shower door frame until it is completely separated from the door frame.

When installing a new door gasket, insert the back side of the door gasket into the rear channel and push the front of the shower door seal to block the seal in the channel. Apply a layer of silicone caulk around all the edges where the shower door frame meets the tile both inside and outside the shower. Soften the silicone immediately after applying to create a smooth joint.

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