How To Remove Sliding Screen Door

Cute Sliding Screen Door

Sliding screen door – One of the most common do it yourself projects is removing sliding screen door. If the screen has a hole or tear this is a low cost solution. There is no need to buy a whole new sliding screen door, usually the repair only requires replacement of the screen. Some screen door repairs cannot be completed with the door in place. Disassembling the door is not difficult, but it is awkward as access doors are lightweight and can rotate and flex when held in vertical position by the door rails. Remove the screen door by sliding carefully – using some fragile plastic parts – and placing it horizontally on a flat surface to complete repairs or to install a replacement.

Loosen the tension screws on the sides of the doors with a Phillips screwdriver to create a little more room to move the sliding screen door between the upper and lower tracks. Carefully fit a flat head screwdriver under the push wheel upwards and create space to lift the door up and out. Measure the screen door to request a replacement or to make repairs after it is removed. Slide the top of the new or repaired door for the first time on the track, lift the door then push the bottom on the lower track. Adjust the tension screws if the door does not slide in the guides and try again.

Slide the back sliding screen door forward and back to make sure it is working properly. Adjust the tension screws or level the door evenly with the door jamb. If you are installing a new door to fix the new door handle according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Close the screen door and mark the place where the door handle hits the jamb. You can also measure each distance to get the correct placement of the percussion plate. Install the percussion plate and control the closing latch.

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