Ideas For Install Bathtub Shower Doors

Great Bathtub Shower Doors

Bathtub shower doors – With the many styles and finishes available for bath and shower doors, choosing the right set can turn out to be the hardest task of the project. The cheapest models come with plastic doors. The higher end models have glass doors that are much easier to clean and add more elegance. Whether writing eliminates the need to overcome these old moldy shower curtains. Estimated time to install a single-sided cabinet is 2 to 3 hours with a moderate skill set in home improvement

Ideas for install bathtub shower doors, measure from wall to wall across the outer edge of the tub. Cut the bottom track 1/8 inch shorter than this measurement with a striker or bayonet saw. Use a file or sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or crates. Center track on the outer edge of the tub between the two walls. Temporarily keep track of space using a channel or cover tape. Use a pencil and mark the track’s location for later use if it moves. Push a wall crest behind one end of the bottom track. Drill three holes to each side frame. If drilling through ceramic tiles, use a masonry bit. Do not use too much pressure as ceramic tiles can crack. If drilling through fiberglass, acrylic or plastic a standard wood or metal drill bit will be sufficient.

Then to install bathtub shower doors, clean up dust and / or dirt. Insert anchors included hardware package in drilled holes. Load caulk gun with a tube silicone. Remove the lower groove and apply a pearl of silicone to the grooves on the outer edges. Place the groove back on the tub edge and press firmly into place. Push one of the jambs behind the bottom track and adjust with anchors. Measure the distance between the two jambs from wall to wall, and subtract 1/16 by one inch. Install the door rollers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Install handles and towel bars according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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