Ideas To Incorporate Glass Door

Beautiful Glass Door

Choosing the glass door of our house can be a very suggestive way of decorating them: that of showing in a subtle way what they insist on hiding us, appeals more to our imagination than to reality itself. What is, in any case, attractive to whoever is on the other side? If we bet on a completely glass door, we bet to multiply the amount of light that will enter the room, as well as for an elegant and light style. Now, this feeling increases or decreases depending on what other material we have combined the crystal with, as well as the amount that has been reserved for it. In this sense, it is undeniable that it is a somewhat risky option, since the door would lose all that sense of the occult, and the privacy that we usually associate with it.

We can conceive the glass door as a small showcase to what we are about to discover. An insinuation that is accentuated when we combine this material discreetly in the form of figures that are distributed along the door. In this case, we are talking about small triangles where the glass shares prominence with the white wood for the frame, and the frosted finish that has been worked on each piece of glass. A good option for doors in rooms that do not demand too much privacy with each other, such as between the hall and the living room.

Another way to incorporate the glass into the doors of the house without it capturing all the attention of what it seeks to hide, is to opt for an acid finish, like the one in the image. To take advantage of the monotony of its crystalline tone and the white of the walls, the center of the door has been decorated with a mosaic in colored glass door, as a counterpoint. A simple design in which small details add and add personality to the spaces.

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