Ikea Closet Doors For Under Sloping Ceilings

Colored Ikea Closet Doors

Ikea closet doors – Making a nice cupboard under sloping ceilings can be a demanding or expensive job. You can either order a furniture nest, or use a specialist company that builds cabinets on targets. Or you can get started even building the closet from scratch with all the challenges it offers with regard to hulls, doors, hinges, curve systems, etc. And at the same time get a good finish. Another option, which is a kind of intermediate solution, is to use IKEA’s PAX wardrobe as a starting point.

As a starting point, you get a good surface finish on both doors and hulls. Also modern ikea closet doors hinges, and the opportunity to use IKEA’s standard curve system. And not least, you save some work. The concept is that you use PAX strains, adapt them to the slope. And complement PAX doors of desired appearance and quality. One of an example of how this can be solved. Three trunks of 75, 50 and 50 cm widths have been used. The 75 cm trunk is designed for sliding doors, and is obsolete considering IKEA’s standard width for hinged doors. This can be solved by cutting to the width of one door.

A standard hand saw and some patients are recommended for this. Electric jigsaw can cause uneven edges if you are not very skilled and have a very nice saw blade. Remember that the surface of the ikea closet doors is foil and not real wood. The trunks are slanted in excess of electric jigsaw. Slanting is strictly not necessary if you calculate having a list on the outer wall of the trunk. Be aware of the way the closet doors can go. For the example, one door is cut at the top so it can be opened to the right. The triangle that is made of is attached to the stem above the door.

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