Installing 8 Foot Closet Doors

8 Foot Closet Doors Interior

8 foot closet doors – Installing Doors is an easy improvement to do in any home, and it takes some time. Doors are usually used as wardrobe doors, and they add a touch of elegance to any room. If you have sliding wardrobe doors common in many older homes, remove them and install doors is an upgrade many will appreciate, especially if you plan to sell the house.

Instructions for installing

Measure the length and width of the wardrobe opening. When buying 8 foot closet doors, make sure to order a style that is an inch less than the actual width of your wardrobe and 1:59 inches shorter than the actual height wardrobe opening. Paint doors, if desired, before installation. Add the hardware to the doors, which includes the turntables and locking arms.  Drill and install metal traces from the kit to the top of the wardrobe opening with the provided screws.

Screw the brackets of the brackets into the floor directly under the roof cavity. Use a plank string to help you adjust the upper lane with the lower brackets. A lot is a metal or brass bulb attached to a string like when you hang up a vertical position, hanging down directly. It is a useful tool to use instead of using a level. Lift 8 foot closet doors, and place the pin on the top of the door in the groove. Make sure that the bottom pin on the part of the door closest to the side wall is installed in the floor bracket. Install the other door in the same way. Enter the wardrobe, and attach the gap alignment hardware six inches from the floor between the two folding doors. Then do the same with the other two folding doors. Install the door handles on folding doors. Check the door unit vertically and horizontally with a carpenter’s level, raise or lower it with wood shims.

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