Installing Barn Door Handles

Barn Door Handles Pulls

Barn Door Handles – When it comes to making reforms, we have to rave our brains to find ways to save as much as possible and minimize the budget. There are jobs that, yes or yes, must be entrusted to professionals if we want a perfect and totally safe result. But there are also other tasks that we can do ourselves if we have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to carry them out. To place this type of doors you will need a series of basic tools: screwdriver, drill-driver hammer, mallet or hammer to put the dowels, a small wrench, special key fixed mouth, level, meter, and pencil.

First, place the upper steel guide, marking a pencil line 208 cm from the ground and the same length as the steel tube. Then drill two holes barn door handles, each at 5 cm from each end, and two more distributed throughout the rest of the guide (about 40 cm apart). Insert 6 mm plugs and fix the tube supports and the guide fixings, without tightening them completely. It also fixes on the floor the lower guide, glued or screwed and 24 mm from the wall. Then the tube is fitted and the level checked: if it is horizontal, everything is adjusted. The next step is to place the bearings, loosening the cylinders with an Allen wrench. Separate the pieces and fit the cylinders in the holes of the glass sheet, placed on a horizontal surface.

Put the screw caps back on and tighten them with the open-end wrench. Hang the leaf by supporting the bearings on the tube and fit it into the lower guide. We will finish the work by placing the barn door handles: first, the two pieces are disassembled, then the small anchors are fixed to the blade, in their corresponding holes, and then both parts of the handle are fit (one on each side), tightening everything with a screwdriver.

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