Installing Cabinet Doors For Updating Your Home

Glass Cabinet Doors

The following is a generalized step-by-step process that you can follow to replace your cabinet doors. It is not specific towards any door, piece of hardware, etc.; and thus, you may have to modify the process slightly to accommodate your needs. First, remove your old bathroom or kitchen cabinet doors by unscrewing the hinge hardware from the cabinet itself.

After you have removed the existing cabinet doors and have polished or purchased your new hardware, you will want to scrub any dust, buildup, or grime that has accumulated throughout the years off of your cabinets. This will give you a better matching finish with your new cabinet doors. Also, if you are going to paint, repaint, or laminate your cabinets and cabinet doors, you will want to do so after this step. It is necessary to wipe down and clean any surfaces that you may be applying finishes to, for sake of longevity and a good final product.

After you are finished cleaning your cabinets and painting / repainting / laminating / etc., it is now time to put the new doors for your cabinets on. You will first want to attach the hinges to the door!. Once you have the hinges attached to the cabinet doors, it is time to then attach the doors to the cabinets themselves. Make sure that if any of the doors were previously hung crooked, that you re-drill and fix the alignment and leveling of them now. You can do so easily with a cord / cordless drill and a leveler.

After you have rehung your cabinet doors to the cabinets, you are ready for any and all final touches. The primary that you will probably encounter is the addition of your cabinet door hardware. Whether you have knobs, handles, etc., you again will want to measure and make sure that your hardware is aligned similarly from cabinet door to cabinet door, and that it is secure. You now have an updated look for your kitchen or bathroom! It is truly amazing how such a small change can make such a big difference.

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