Installing Exterior Double Doors French

Carve Exterior Double Doors

Exterior double doors – Installing exterior double doors French is easy project. Firstly, stand pre-hung double French door unit in the wall opening centered in the hole. Run a nail through the outer brick mold into the back frame with a sixteen penny nail and a hammer. Kile spacer behind the top of the stand on one side. Place a level against the edge of the stand on the same side. Press the jamb in or out into the bottom before the bubble in the level is centered. Place an intermediate piece behind the bottom of the post and nail through the frame. Insert into the frame on the top and bottom. Repeat the planning and nail process with the remaining strings. Wedge shims between the jamb header and the wall frame header on both corners.

Secure the jamb. Run a 3-inch covered tire screw. Tighten the screws so that the threshold is tightened to the floor. The nasty side bricks the shape of the frame on the top and bottom of each side. Select which door will be your passage door when both doors are open. This door have a functional knot and deadbolt lock, while the opposite door will have a dummy knob without locking mechanism and stroke and deadbolt reception plates. Set the knob swing arm mechanism through the lower hole at the edge of the passenger door. Secure it with the two screws that come with the hardware. Insert & attach the deadbolt mechanism to the top hole. Put the two halves of the exterior double doors knob.

Pull the two long screws through the bottom plate on the inside of the knob and tighten them with a screwdriver. Do the same with deadbolt barrel in the top hole. Be sure to twist the lock to the inside of the exterior double doors. Put the lining on the inside of the frame. Cut two side pieces, one right and one left, with 45 degree miters at the top ends. Cut the fermentation. So that the short edge reaches a point ¼ inch higher than the bottom edge of the jamb tip. Nail side pieces to jamb ¼ inch from the inner edge. Measure between the two top outside interesting mitracks. And cut a piece to fit with 45 degrees miters at each end, one right, and one left. Fit it tightly between the two side pieces and nail the jamb tip.

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