Installing Front Door Wreaths

Front Door Wreaths Nice

Front door wreaths installation may be necessary if your old door is damaged or if you are carrying out a remodeling project. When you buy a new front door, it is already pre-hung in the door frame and has the outer shaping installed. However, you must install the door cover, which is the list around the door on the inside of the house.


Hold an angle hook in both upper corners of the door to control the square front door wreaths. Measure the height on both sides of the door from the top of the side frame to the floor and the width of the side frame across the doorway. Cut the casing to fit the measurements. Make 45-degree cross-section on the top edges of the side bezel and on both sides of the upper housing. If the corners are not square, determine the angles at which cut the cover. Measure this with an angle finder. Place pieces of casing on the floor and match them how to go when they are installed.

Measure the distance from the top edge of the mounted casing down the side posts and the height of the front door wreaths. Cut the bottom of the housing at the hand saw markings. Glue the enclosure together at the slanted joints with the joiner’s glue. Squeeze the cover together with corner clips and let the glue enter for the time indicated on the package. Drill two guide holes through the upper edge of the housing, through the mitral joint and into the side cover on both sides of the frame.

Screw the pieces together with 3 1/2-inch-6 flat head screws on both sides. Take corner clips. Place the mounted cover in place around the door. Center the casing around the door, then drive the finishing nails halfway into the door frame in the upper corners to hold it in place. Nail the top piece of the casing in the door frame by driving finishing nails it was 6 inches. Nail sidepieces the cover of the door frame with finishing nails every 6 inches, starting with the nails you drove halfway into the housing to hold it in place.



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