Installing Green Glass Door

Green Glass Door Decor

Green glass door – Replacing a shower curtain with glass doors Shower is a comprehensive renovation that immediately updates and modernizes your bathroom. Glass shower doors also eliminate leaks on the bathroom floor that usually occurs with a shower curtain. Before installing glass doors shower and panels remember the bathroom will be taboo for about 24 hours. Installing a glass shower door kit can be done on a weekend project by someone with basic joinery skills.


Green glass door with measure wall to wall opening with a tape measure and subtract 1/8 inch. Cut the bottom of the track to this measurement with an arc and girder box. Place the groove in the center of the bathtub edge. The higher side of the track should be facing the outside. Mark the position with a pen and temporarily attach it with masking tape. Place the door posts over each end of the track. Temporary attach them to the wall with masking tape.

Plumb each green glass door frame using one level, and then temporarily fix them with masking tape. Mark the preloaded holes with a cursor, and remove traces and sidebars. Carefully knock a nail on the marks to prevent a drill from walking. Point the end of the nail into a hammer to create these marks. Pre-drill the marked holes with a drill. Remove debris from the holes, and gently tap into plastic anchors with a hammer.

Insert a silicone seal along the underside of the edges on the bottom track. Gently push the groove into place, feed it with the mark you made. Wipe out excessive sealant sealing with a damp cloth. Slowly tape the groove in place with masking tape to prevent it from moving as you proceed. Align the holes and slide the door frame into place. Screw the side bezel to the walls with spacers and bumper provided. Do not pull the distances and bumper.

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