Installing Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Great Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors is a great addition to let in more light and air or act as an attractive access to a terrace or garden. In any case, here are some steps to help make it as easy as possible. Choose the site for your new door. Inspect both sides of the wall and from the attic and the basement to make sure there are no heating ducts or other hidden problems with the site. Try to avoid all electrical and plumbing fixtures. Mark out the dimensions of the door in the wall, allowing an extra 4 inches on each side to allow double jack uprights and space clearance and an extra 7 inches at the top to allow for a rubric and fit the space.

Installing sliding glass patio doors disconnect electricity for this area in the circuit breaker box or fuse to protect against shocks. Place drop cloths or plastic. Have disposable trash containers. Open remove all wall coverings from within the boundaries you have marked. To do this, cut and jump away from plaster or plaster by hand or using power tools. Go slowly to avoid damaging any electrical or plumbing mounts on the wall. Remove insulation, dirt and debris to work. Drill marker holes in the far wall; pencil on lines that show exactly where to remove the wall covered in that wall.

Install sliding glass patio doors, open removes wall coverings. Be sure to pay attention to these important precautionary measures. Get a friend to help with the heavy work here. Take this step seriously: support on the wall that is working to provide temporary support while the new cat studs and headboard are put in place. Make sure you have solved problems with plumbing, electricity or any other obstacle within the perimeter of the door opening by fixing it yourself or having a professional do it.

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