Installing Therma Tru Exterior Doors

Therma Tru Exterior Doors Picture

Therma tru exterior doors come as a pre-hung unit, which means that the door will already hang in its jamb. The hinges are factory-set for accuracy and to facilitate installation. Often they come with lock and finisher installed as well. The door frame, when properly attached to the wall, provides good support for the load of the door. Shims are placed between the jamb and the door trimmer in the wall to the square and let the jamb in the opening.


Check the therma tru exterior doors trimmer in the opening for letting with the level. Make sure the opening is within an inch of square and loose. Note how much left the hinge side of the opening is. Grasp the door assembly from the outside and place it in the opening. Slide the device firmly into place until brick mold is on the sideways. Open the door and enter. Close the door and stop the door frame against the hinge side trimmer. Shim jamb away from the trimmer at the top or bottom of the opening to compensate for an out-of-leave condition as needed.

Remove rubber strips. Drill three or four pilot holes through the hinge side of the jamb in the area covered by rubber strips. Run 3-inch screws through the pilot holes and tighten the jamb tightly to the trimmers. Take a hinge screw from above the hinge plate and replace it with a 3-inch screw to help support the load of the therma tru exterior doors and prevent it from escaping. Drill holes through the lock side of the jamb in the area covered by the weather stripper. Place the pilots near the bottom, top and end flap.

Insert shims to fill the gap between the jamb and the trimmer in the positions of the pilot holes. Run a 3-inch screw through jamb and shims and insert the trimmer near the bottom first. Close the door and check how the door is suitable for the jamb. Move the jamb in or out at the top until the door fits flat against the jamb. Open the door. Shim and screw in the middle and top of the locking side of the side frame. Nail or screw brick mold to the building. Cut off all excess shim layers with a razor knife.

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