Instructions For Installing Screen Door Hardware

Screen Door Hardware Ideas

Installing the screen door hardware is a simple process. With a few simple tools and some door hardware that can be found at most home delivery stores it is possible to install a screen door in just a few minutes. With the help of a friend the process will go even faster. Installation screen door hardware requires the use of a few common household tools. Most screen door hardware can be installed with few tools, but if problems arise then more tools may be required. A hammer is essential for hinges and other items. A screwdriver or power screwdriver is required for installing all screws and attachments. A screwdriver or voicemail may be necessary to remove old hardware. You probably want a pencil and level of hand as well.

Instructions for installing screen door hardware, installing the screen door handles are the hardest part of installing a screen door. First you have to decide whether you want on the screen the door to open like a traditional door with a rotating handle or if you want it to be a pull-open door alone. The decision will largely be based on whether there is room in the door frame for an additional sound. Pulling handle is the easiest to install and can be screwed directly to the face of the door. The rotating knob doors are a bit tricky to install and require a hole drilled in the door of the button to fit in. The two pieces of door handle are mounted together over the door and screwed into place.

Tips for installing screen door hardware, if you are unsure of location for that hardware, a pencil sketch may be useful to determine where hardware should be placed. A level is placed on the screen door when open, can help determine whether the hinges are attached in the right places or if the hinges are strong enough to the door.

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