Interior Barn Door Hardware To Achieve American Style

Rustic Interior Barn Door Hardware

Do you usually visit American decoration blogs? Have you noticed this trend? I’ve been seeing since many DIY blogs and American decoration magazines show this type of sliding doors. Usually used in barns and warehouses, as a valid option for the interior of homes. I cannot like it anymore! The interior barn door hardware that we are going to talk about today are great in any decorative environment. Whether rustic, industrial or formal, the barn-type sliding doors improve the appearance of any home.

In addition to the practical issue of use of space, which is the main feature of these doors. The renovated versions for interiors are very decorative and have a lot of style. The barn-type sliding doors differ from those we know in that robust. And visible metal guide on which the doors rest. The interior barn door hardware style sliding doors have the perfect style if what we are looking for is to give more prominence to the doors of our house or premises. We can find them in different finishes, styles and colors. From the most traditional and faithful models that were used in the American granaries. Until lacquered or dyed in different colors. So they can fit into all kinds of decorations or rooms.

The original barn-type sliding door was an untreated rustic wood door with horizontal or cross-shaped wooden crossbars. The system of guides and fittings varies enormously between door models and others. The most used interior barn door hardware system has always been that of the air rail. Where the system of pulleys on which the sliding door slides is totally visible. But there are many more types of guides. Such as the boxed rail, or the semi-visible or the one that has the shape of a horseshoe. In addition, being sliding, they create a better flow between rooms without sacrificing the need to partition spaces. That is why these types of doors are increasingly recommended by architects and designers alike.

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