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Screen doors – Spring loaded, framed screen doors standard with almost any home you buy now. However, they are burdened with many problems, depending on the environment as they have children or animals. If you have a cat or dog, you have to let them go in and out of the House several times a day. If you have children, if they are like most children, they threw open the door and let the incident closed. If you have a BBQ ‘ er, you’ve ever had your hands full of food will come out or come back home, and they don’t have any kind of a hands-free press and pull the handle? But what is your alternative? Magnetic screen door gives you all the benefits of the display frame, but without encumbering the problem. They turn it into a hands-free entrances and exits for people and pets, while keeping the pests.

Any company can claim that they use high quality products. The truth of the most, if not all, magnetic screen doors companies using sub-par materials to manufacture its products! If you want your display to look good and lasting, it is very important to find a company that has been tested and designed for high traffic doors. Usually low quality wire mesh with a mass of 30 g or less. See 55 g and above mesh. Also, make sure that you use only high energy magnet, sewn into the eye. Screen with a magnet glued to the direct sunlight, which ultimately fails. The Sun melted the glue and the magnet eventually misaligns or even fall. Make sure that the Velcro used to screen for door frames, sewn and has a very strong adhesive backing.

If you do not have a strong support, using the adhesive weight and every day will eventually pull out of the frames of the screen doors leaves in clumps on the ground. If you have a child at home, or people in wheelchairs, or usually bring anything into or out of your home, and constantly struggling with grip door framed screen, screen install fly must become a spring or a list of tasks in the summer. It will take just minutes to install 10-15, but it will save you a ton of aggravation. How much wire frame door, which is really a wheelchair or stroller-friendly? It does not exist. Magnetic Alternative beauty is that, for people with disabilities, are just over the wheel, or to walk with a stick and do not need to reach the doorknob and leaned back to open it, while trying to maneuver himself through.

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